The Doctor’s theme.

I’m a massive Dr. Who fan, and this really took me back. There were more than a few late nights spent watching Tom Baker’s magical scarf trip the light fantastic across my local PBS station’s airwaves. Baker will always be “my” Doctor, and I can’t wait to introduce Scout to hers (probably David Tennant or Matt Smith).

But, in spite of the changes in actors, sets, TARDISes, companions, and showrunners, one thing that has always remained constant is the awesomeness of the theme song. Variations abound across the 50 year span of the show, but that heavy, driving pre-electronica synth bass riff has always been the anchor for me. This youtube video has all the themes used on the show since the 60s, and watching/hearing them all back to back made me appreciate its constancy over the course of the show even more. Check it out!

The Doctor Who Themes (Every Doctor Who Theme 1963 – 2010)

Bonus: All the Doctor’s regenerations! Doctor Who Regenerations

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