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My Heart has Awakened

It’s finally here, and I can’t believe how excited I am. I had a conversation with my sister, and we both concluded that having any kind of feelings about Star Wars again was awesome, especially given where we’ve been for the last decade or so (and that’s as someone who didn’t even dislike the prequels that much). Random thoughts in…

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Watchmen Trailer

I should be seeing this on Sunday when I traipse up to St. Louis to see The Dark Knight in Imax, but even in a super-tiny web format, Zack Snyder’s first trailer for Watchmen is absolutely stunning. It seems like more of a “mood” trailer than a story/concept trailer, and that suits me just fine. Check it out here. Or,…

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Blu-Ray Drive coming to X360!

Wow, this is exciting news. I never really considered myself a videophile, but after the cheap HD-DVD binge that I went on last month, I am hooked on hi-def. It seems that now, after months of denial, Microsoft is indeed working on a Blu-Ray enabled add-on drive (and possibly a system with the drive included). Depending on the price point,…

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Well, given the recent price drops in the HD-DVD camp, I went ahead and decided to pick one up. I don’t really see myself getting a Blu-ray player anytime soon, since the only one worth having is the PS3 and I am perfectly satisfied not having one of those. I went ahead and got the add-on drive for the 360,…

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Be Kind Rewind

In spite of Stuff White People Like, I am very excited about pretty much anything that Michel Gondry does. He’s a film geek and an in-camera effects wiz, and I have yet to be disappointed with one of his films. As a result, I am very, very excited about Be Kind Rewind. It looks like a much smaller film than…

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The REAL new Transformers theme.

After a very cheesy song was released on the Sector7 website that was supposed to be the new Transformers theme, the actual song has been released. Penned by Mutemath (inasmuch as the Transformers theme can be re-penned), it actually refrains from sucking.  Check it out along with the trailer on YouTube.

Batman 2.0

Aint it cool news has the scoop on the new batsuit.  It looks pretty slick to me.  Kind of robotic, which I wasn’t expecting, but it also looks sleek and kind of brawler-ish.  I trust Christopher Nolan implicitly, so I know that he will make this look awesome in motion.